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Time to build your financial confidence and take control of your future.

You don't have to go through this time alone. 
I'm here to help you navigate this challenging season of your life and set yourself up for the future of your dreams.

I'm a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), divorce attorney, and mediator who has helped hundreds of couples through their divorce process.  Often the emotions of a divorce are so high that finances are overlooked, but these financial agreements directly effect your future.  I help you identify your future goals and plan for the best financial agreements to set you and your family up for a success.  You deserve to be in control and feel confident in your finances..


Percentage of women who defer financial decisions to their spouse

of women defer financial decisions to their spouse

Average number of hours women spend on unpaid labor (chores, care for family members, etc.) daily

2 hours 
average of unpaid work (chores, care for family members, etc) by women each day

Poverty rate for women after a marriage ends

of women enter the poverty rate after a divorce or separation

For women over 50 years of age, how much did their household income drop post-divorce?

average drop in household income for women over 50 post-divorce

Current age group getting a divorce at a much higher rate

Age 60+ 
referred to as "grey divorce," this timing can have the largest negative effect on women's finances

Percentage of divorced/widowed women urging you to get involved in your finances ASAP

divorced/widowed women who urge others to be more involved in their finances early on


How Can I Help You?

Schedule a free consultation today to learn about what services may be best for you. 

My services are personalized to your needs, including -

  • Understanding the divorce process and what to expect

  • Addressing your biggest fears and questions about the divorce process

  • Helping you understand your financial options and creating a plan for negotiations with your spouse

  • Preparing your financial disclosures and understanding what you should request from your spouse during the disclosure process

  • Avoiding costly mistakes

  • Budget planning in accordance with your dreams for the future

  • Working with your divorce team to prioritize your needs and goals during the divorce

  • Creating successful strategies for cost-sharing child expenses with your co-parent, which decreases conflict and allows for productive conversations

  • Helping connect you with a team of experts (when needed) that can assist you in the implementation of your divorce agreements, including realtors, mortgage brokers, mental health professionals, attorneys, QDRO specialists, and more.

  • Guiding you past the financial pitfalls of divorce towards financial security

  • Building your financial confidence

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