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Divorce Financial Coaching

Ms. Confinance is here to help you grow your financial confidence.

My process is based on an understanding of how your divorce directly impacts you and your family.

I'm here to help you take back control and have the future of your dreams.


About Me

Supporting you in becoming
the boss of your finances & future.

When it comes to your separation, it is normal that you're feeling a rollercoaster of emotions,

from feelings of uncertainty and anger, to moments of hope and joy. 

The last thing you are thinking about is often your finances.

Being honest with yourself, finances are likely scary, dirty, taboo, and downright confusing. 

But during a divorce,

understanding your finances can be the difference between the future of your dreams and devastation.

Your Divorce?

Already filed for divorce and
feeling overwhelmed? 
I help you assess your goals for the future, understand the implications of your financial agreements, and make the best decisions for your future.


The best first step in any separation is to be informed about your options. 
I am here to help you understand your options, prepare for the process ahead, and provide stability from the very beginning.

Your Divorce?

Don't know what step to take next?  I assist you in understanding not only what your agreements mean for your financial future, but also how to maximize your financial success moving forward.


Finances related to your children and their financial future can be complex.  From sharing expenses with a
co-parent to preparing for college, I help you flex your financial muscles as super mom.

Taking the fear out of finances
a simple  and supportive approach. 

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